3) Do bilingual students have a greater memory recall than nonbilingual students Studies have shown that bilingual students have better working memory does this include memory recall

n (medium. 2), between 11 and 19 children large (3), 20 or more children, Score: final score on competency assessment Perform exploratory data analysis on all variables in the data set.
Basing on descriptive statistics, it is observed that under gender males has a higher math mean score (91%) than females (87%).This is clearly indicated in the box plot. Under classroom size, it is clearly evident that the smaller the classroom size is the high the math mean score. For instance, math mean score for 10 or less classroom size,11-19 classroom size and 20 or more class room size include 93,89 and 85 respectively. It is also observed that the median (91%) and mean (91%) under gender math mean score is same. This clearly proves that the data is normally distributed (Dey 1993). Similarly, under classroom size, math mean score (93) and median (93) is also seen to be the same and this implies that the data is normally distributed
To determine if there is a main effect of gender, post hoc tests can be used if applicable. In this case, basing on the results, it is observed that, for classroom sizes, the p values are 0.00.This therefore means that the effect of classroom size on math mean score is statistically significant. It can be concluded that the math mean score for 10 or less, 11-19 and 20 class room sizes are not the same. Post hoc is normally used to determine which variables have differences in cases where the test statistics such as ANOVA can’t really determine which variables are different. This can happen when we have more than two variables, whereby there could be a difference between any of these variables. In this case, it’s not known which variables have the differences. For our case, the variables are two (male and female) and we already know that the mean score is not the same between the two groups. Therefore, there is no need of doing post hoc test
To determine if there is a main effect of classroom size, post hoc tests can be used if applicable as