About us!

We work to provide informative services to families considering home-tutoring for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you are considering home-tutoring for a child whose schedule makes traditional schools prohibitive (as is the case for serious athletic or performing arts students), or because you feel that a dedicated program of home instruction can provide your child with a better education than the alternative, danstotridge.com has the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Home Schooling and Education at Danstotridge.comWe also have the experience necessary to aid you in arranging a home-tutoring program that works for the individual needs of your family. Whether you are interested in an arrangement of parent teaching or outside tutoring, a rigid or flexible curriculum, or a subject or thematic approach to education, danstotridge.com has had experience with similar circumstances in the past.

Being the parent responsible for a home-tutored child carries with it many responsibilities and concerns; parents often find themselves thrown simultaneously into the roles of principal, guidance counselor, science teacher, English teacher, even gym teacher, all simultaneously. At danstotridge.com we understand what a daunting challenge this can be, and our experienced staff is ready to help you!

Find your home education answers here. What about curriculum? What about math homework? What about socialization? What about support?

Danstotridge.com – an alternative means of education directed by parents.